We’ve Arrived or A Belated Halloween Post

We are finally in Wyoming! Yay!

Okay, truth be told we’ve been here a week. Moving is crazy and no one should ever do it. Especially not a DITY (Do It Yourself move for you non-military folks.) I never ever want to pack and move my own things across the country again. And I don’t even really deserve to complain because, while I did quite a bit of the packing, my husband did the majority of the moving. I just sat on my duff.

Not really. I kept the two small children alive and cleaned the house before we moved and made sure everyone had things like food and a place to sleep and clothes to wear. But it did involve significantly less heavy lifting, and for that I’m grateful. I’m also exceedingly grateful for my in-laws. They played hookey from college for the day to come help us move. Without them we would probably still be loading the truck and cleaning the house.

Halloween was the same day we loaded the truck, so of course we had to have fabulous costumes for the critters (and by critters I mean our children. The actual critters are another story altogether). My husband thinks I’m bonkers but I wasn’t about to skip Thalia’s first Halloween, especially since Keith wasn’t here for Justus’.

My beautiful girl went as Audrey Hepburn from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” That costume was mostly finished before moving week and was fairly quick to whip together. A modified onesie, a tutu skirt, and voila – mission accomplished.

Little Audrey and Grandpa
Little Audrey and Grandpa

The boy’s costume was a much bigger challenge and since my husband desperately wanted to help, he assembled the structure and I did all the detailing. I think our little Mater was absolutely adorable.

Our Little Mater

Even the Incredibles were impressed!

Mater and Dash
Mater and Dash

Unfortunately, because we were leaving the next morning and had been working like crazy, by the time we got there the kids were completely wiped. We said goodbye to our friends, Justus played one game for a handful of candy, and then we headed to the hotel. The next morning we left for our three day journey to our new home.