Too Much Cute

I’m amazed at how quickly time passes now that I have children. I’m not entirely sure how but life seems to be in fast-forward. I cannot believe that tomorrow Thalia will already be 4 months old. It seems just yesterday I was having emergency surgery and not sure if I would lose her. Now she is thriving, healthy, and happy.

Happy Girl
Happy Girl

I also can’t believe that in six short weeks we will leave Wichita Falls, probably forever, and that three weeks after that we will be headed to live in a different country on the other side of the world.

Time is flying and I can’t seem to press pause or even slow things down. I want to make it a point to remember all the sweet things, the little moments that amuse or touch me, to look back on in five, ten, twenty years when my children are grown and preparing to have children of their own. To that end, I have created a list of adorable things that have happened in the last week or so.¬†

  • Because this Sunday will be my first time back on praise team since I had Thalia, I have been practicing the songs for service, listening to them in the car as we drive around. The bridge of “Open Up the Heavens” goes:
    Show us, show us your glory
    Show us, show us your power
    Show us, show us your glory, Lord

    Singing in the car yesterday, it made my mama heart light up to hear my son join in from the back seat and sing along, “Show us! Show us!”
  • Yesterday afternoon I attended a group meeting at someone’s home and of course the kids came with me. Justus found an old, broken camera and proceeded to run around the living room yelling, “Cheese!” and snapped pictures of everyone.
  • The ever present dancing, probably one of my favorite parts of being a stay-at-home mom.

  • But I think the best moments have come from Justus’¬†interactions with his little sister. A couple days ago he was once again have his own private dance party. Thalia was in her bouncy seat; he grabbed her hands and helped her dance and sway to the song. When the music ended, he grabbed her hands and clapped them for her, telling her “Yay Talley!”
  • Our bedtime routine always includes story time followed by Bible reading and prayers. A couple nights ago when it was time to pray, Justus clasped his hands together and then looked up. When he realized his sister wasn’t in the proper position, he grabbed her hands and held them together so she could pray too. She started to spit out her paci so she could smile and coo at her brother but he wasn’t having it. He simultaneously held her hands together and used them to push her paci back in her mouth, telling her, “No Talley. Shhh. No, no. Pray.”
  • Yesterday evening when we were all playing together Justus laid down next to his sister, grabbed her hand, and just began talking to her. It was several minutes before he let go.

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