This Mama’s Heart

We’d brushed their teeth and read our story, “Sylvester and the Magic Pebble.” Then it was time for devotions, prayers, and bed. We started reading today’s devotional on the peace of God.
“I want peace,” Justus said.
“Well baby, that kind of peace only comes from asking Jesus to live inside your heart.”
He looked up at me. “Then I want Jesus to live in my heart.”

We talked about what that means, about how we all do bad things but when we ask God to forgive us he makes us new and clean on the inside, and how when we ask Jesus to live inside our hearts, that means he’s always with us.
“Do you want to ask Jesus to live inside your heart?”
So we prayed a children’s version of the sinner’s prayer and Justus asked Jesus to come live inside his heart.
I cried tears of joy. My mama heart is overwhelmed. I have prayed every day since they were born that my children would give their hearts to God at a young age and follow him all the days of their lives. I am so amazed at the faithfulness of God, at this so tangibly answered prayer, at my child’s simple heart and desire for the peace of God.
Tonight this mama’s heart is full.

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  1. What a precious, precious memory! Praise God for His faithfulness in fulfilling the desires of our hearts…it is also a testimony to your love for Jesus that your kids learn about every day from their amazing mom…

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