Thalia’s Baby Dedication

In our denomination we do not christen or baptize our children. We believe that Baptism is an act that should come after a decision to follow Christ and since infants are not capable of making that decision, we instead dedicate them to God in the same way Hannah did Samuel (it’s in the Bible. Look it up.)¬†When you dedicate your child to God, you are dedicating not only the child to God, but yourselves as parents to raising them in a way that honors God.

Our senior pastor invited us on the platform with Thalia and introduced her to the congregation.


She was so well behaved. All smiles as we walked up and she was content in Pastor’s arms. He then spoke about us, about family, and about how we had become part of the family of our church and they had become ours. I started crying. I am more than ready to leave Wichita Falls. I am so excited about seeing Turkey, about living in a new country, experiencing a new culture, and having this wonderful adventure with our family. But I am NOT excited about leaving behind the people of our church. They really have become our family over the past four years. They’ve walked with us through several difficult times, stood with us in prayers, and encouraged us in myriad ways.
So of course I started crying.

When Pastor was done speaking, he prayed over us. And I started crying all over again because some of our friends came and stood with us, something extended family usually does at a baby dedication.


Then he hugged us. I know we don’t leave for a few more months, but the closer we get, the harder it is to think about leaving these people who, for four years, have made us their own.


After service I was planning on taking a family picture. We had some great ones from Justus’ baby dedication and I thought it would be nice to have something similar but updated. Of course, with small children, things rarely go as planned.


We tried to take off Justus’ backpack for the picture. He burst into tears and refused to look at the camera. That is, until Aunt Lauryn pulled out her phone. But by this time, Thalia was done.


The finished product.
I think we nailed it.

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  1. I had a hard time keeping back the tears also! You guys have been such a blessing to me personally and to our church. I’ve learned in my 78 years that there are Seasons is our lives….and years from now you will look back and remember and smile and maybe even shed a few tears. You have endeared yourself to me and I’m dreading the day we have to say good-by!

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