Star Search

My mom was helping me take the kids out to the car tonight after the sun had set. When I used the remote to unlock the car, the head lights came on. Justus stood in front of one of the headlamps and started talking to it, singing, having a whole conversation. Thalia saw what was happening, walked up to the other headlamp, and started dancing and spinning in circles.

“Oh my gosh!” my mom exclaimed. “They’re doing exactly what you used to do! Don’t you remember?”
I gave her a blank look. “Um, no. What are you talking about?”
“When you were a kid, you used to think the head lights were stage lights and anytime you saw one like this you’d start performing. That’s exactly what your children are doing!” She laughed. “Chalk one up for genetics.”

Just then the lights flicked off.
“Oh no! What happened?”
“You got the crook buddy. You’re getting played off. Let’s get in and buckle up.”