Simple Joys

There are some really great things about being a mom but I often have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy them.

Today, I had a lunch date planned with several of my friends and we dropped off the kids for childcare at church. It rained yesterday almost all day and left puddles in the parking lot. Because we are in such a severe drought situation, this was a special occasion for my son who, in his two short years, has not had much experience with puddles. Of course his first instinct was to splash in them but I told him no and hurried inside to drop him off so I wouldn’t be late. 

After lunch, I’d had a change of heart and figured it wouldn’t hurt anything to let him have some fun before nap-time. On the way to the car, I told him he could go ahead and splash. He gave me a look of pure happiness and then promptly sat in the puddle to begin making a mess.

Simple joy
Simple joy

Of course in the meantime his sister the hobbit got hungry and needed to eat. She eats a lot, usually when there is something else I need to be doing. And I again I had to remind myself to slow down and enjoy the little things – the way her face lights up when she realizes it’s time to eat, the way she clutches at me as she nurses, the way such a tiny human can make such a big noise when she belches after a satisfying meal.


Someday, before I want it to be so, Justus will be too big to jump in puddles, Thalia will no longer nurse in my arms. I will blink and their childhoods will have flown by. It is too much for my mind to comprehend when they are still so young. Instead I have to remind myself to just take in these moments – a nice puddle, a cuddling infant – and engrave these simple joys on my mind.

2 thoughts on “Simple Joys”

  1. Such a sweet post…and you are right…you will blink and they will be in school. Enjoy every moment!

  2. Tis true…you wake up one day and you can hold them in your arms.
    The next day, it seems, they are almost too heavy to lift, then they are graduating high school, and gone to their own world.
    “Remember me, when your children leave their Sunday school with smiles,
    Remember me,
    When they’re old enough to teach,
    Old enough to preach,
    Old enough to leave,
    And day by day and time by time
    Bound by grace and peace
    Child of wonder, Child of God,
    I remembered you
    Remember Me. “

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