For Posterity’s Sake

1375196249Although if you did it people would think it’s weird, on my son, his new habit is adorable. As soon as you open the car door to unbuckle him from his car seat, this is how he greats you. Foot in the air, like a high-five to the face, he beckons for a good tickling. 

I know little things like this won’t last forever so I want to record them, remember them once they’re gone. Have pictures and stories to remind me of these little slices of his childhood.

That’s why, when I babysat a friend’s three-year-old yesterday, I wrote down all the hilarious things she said and did, so her mom could look back and remember that tiny piece of her life. 
A sampling: 

  • Daddy was very hungry so he at a squirrel. He ate a whole family of squirrels! They were very yummy.
  • Oh no! The Big Bad Wolf is outside! He’s gonna eat my pizza!
  • Her: (While reading me a story) And then the teacher said, “No, because it all came out of your butt!”
    Me: I don’t think that’s what she said
    Her: Yeah, I’m pretty sure she did

I hope her mom tucks it away somewhere to surprise her and make her laugh when she’s having a bad day, to remind her how wonderful and funny her daughter can be. And I hope I remember to keep saving these little moments my own child shares with me for as long as they last.