Bit and Pieces

Justus has fully mastered potty training and not had an accident in days but apparently some of our learning really left an impression. He followed me into the bathroom, waited patiently until I was finished, checked my work, and then said, “Mom, that was a big poop.”
“Um, thank you?”
“Mom. That was amazing.”


He has also invented a new imaginary friend, Newlut (who is not to be confused with the first imaginary friend, an elephant named Newart). Apparently Newlut lives way high up on the mountain, is a train like Cranky (who is, for the record, actually a crane), has three cars – one red, one, green, and one blue – and is friends with Percy and Thomas. Apparently he takes Justus to go ride on Percy and Thomas when I’m not around. And he was going to come visit later today.


My sweet, beautiful daughter has finally realized there is one creature she can boss around – my parents’ long suffering St. Bernard mix Parker. Parker is approximately 96 in dog years, deaf as a post, mostly blind, and the gentlest of the insanely large dog posse they have cultivated. We often stomp on the wood floor of the cabin while simultaneously calling loudly for Parker in the hopes that he will feel the vibrations and look up (he usually does).

When she (or anyone else) wants to get Parker’s attention, Thalia has taken it upon herself to start shrieking at the top of her substantial lungs, in a shrill voice, “PA-KUH! PAAAAA_KUUUUUUH!” Tonight that piercing scream was also punctuated by vigorous foot stomps.