Before I Forget

Some of my favorite Justus words:

  • lenomade – lemonade
  • Chicaflay – Chick-fil-a
  • banban – Band-aid
  • fofa – sofa

Some of my favorite Thalia words:

  • hock – sock
  • moobie – movie
  • pity – pretty
  • ‘no – snow (not to be confused with “No!”, which means no.)


Justus has started offering people near him sunscreen, which would normally be a kind, albeit slightly odd, gesture. Except that he’s taken to licking his hands and then calling it sunscreen.

We were walking into the grocery store this morning and an employee was taking a break outside under an awning eating a bag of Doritos. Thalia looks up at me, points, and asks excitedly, “Chips? Chips?”
“No, you may not have any of her chips.”
With a big sigh, she looked down. “Awwwww.”


Last night the kids were getting really wound up on the car ride home from Babs and PopPops’. “It is late. It is bedtime. You need to calm down.”
Immediately I hear Thalia start doing deep breathing exercises in the back of the car.

I love that Justus always wants to sing the “SUV” song from Veggie Tales with me. It’s our favorite duet. I also love that Thalia has begun to sing along too, although her personal favorite is the Cheeseburger Song.