All The Things

I haven’t written for a few weeks simply because I have been too overwhelmed.

Two weeks ago, we found out that our medical clearance was denied a second time, which means we will not be going as a family overseas. Instead, Keith will be going alone and the kids and I will be moving to Wyoming to be near my family. 

The day after we received our notification, the munchkins and I were on a plane to Wyoming to go house hunting. THAT has been a new and completely ridiculous process. Apparently people don’t actually want to sell their homes. They just put them on the market for the hell of it. We had some people who couldn’t be bothered to show us their home. Then the first home we put a bid on decided that, despite all the comparables saying otherwise, THEIR home was worth $30,000 more than everyone elses. The second home, which we are now under contract with, has an owner who can’t possibly afford to fix anything the inspection might find, DESPITE saying before we put in an offer that he would fix whatever needed to be fixed. Our inspection is tomorrow. I expect to have lost my ever loving mind by the end of the week.

Here. To distract you from the ridiculousness and stress of this whole cluster, I give you adorable pictures of my children from our trip.

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