A Day in the Life

Today began like any other normal day. At around 4:00 am I brought our daughter to bed when she’d woken up for the 5th time and refused to stay asleep unless she was being held. I woke again to nurse her around 5:00 and then got up for good around  7:30, roused by the desperate cries of, “Mama! Maaaaaaaamaaaaa!” emanating from my sons room. I walked in, he stopped crying, held up his cup, and demanded, “Water!” 

By 8:30 he’d already had a timeout for refusing to get into his chair so he could eat breakfast. After a lovely meal of scrambled eggs and mixed berries, I used 47 wipes to clean off all the berry juice and then took him into his room to get dressed. He had a wonderfully full poopy diaper. I thoroughly cleaned his bottom and was just getting ready to put a fresh diaper on him when he started whimpering and chanting, “Mess! Mess! Toes! Mess!” I looked down to see he had painted my last clean outfit with the poop he managed to get on his foot after he stuck it into the dirty diaper at the end of the changing table.

The morning also included me using the phrase, “Please don’t put things in your diaper,” creation of a new house rule, “We don’t put things in our diaper,” and a note to self to put that kid in pants with pockets. After one more time out for refusing to have his diaper changed, we made it into and out of the library without a meltdown and I was reminded that two-year-olds have zero concept of proper library decorum. We then headed to lunch where my son threw two tantrums, one when I told him he couldn’t bring in his newly checked out library DVD and one when I informed him (after multiple warnings) that little boys who can’t be bothered to eat their tacos do not need a cookie. On the ride home he proceeded to pour his juice all over himself and was confused by my annoyance, then thoroughly put out by my decision to not allow him to sleep with the stabby straw from said juice.

Thankfully he and his sister are now both taking a nap in preparation for this evening’s adventure – a trip to an outdoor pizzeria an hour and a half away to celebrate Keith’s birthday. Seems like a solid plan to me. Just another day at Bedlam Creek!