First Day of School – Part 2

Justus was so excited about school that his enthusiasm was contagious. “I go to school too!” his sister would yell excitedly. And he would respond, “Of course you can!”
“Um, no. No you can’t Thalia,” I always reminded them.

After we dropped him off, Thalia’s first words were, “Now we go to my school.”
“No Sweetheart. You don’t have a school yet.”
“Where we going?”
“To the gym, baby. Just like every morning.”
“Again?!” This is my toddler, ladies and gentlemen. Two going on twelve.


I made sure to spend extra quality time with her. We spent a couple of hours at the library, playing games and reading book after book. We stopped to scope out their amazing aquarium and say hi to all the “Nemos” and “Dorys.” Then we headed home to have lunch before picking up Justus.

It was pouring rain when we got back to the house. I stepped into the backyard with Georgia and heard the door close behind me. When I tried to open it, the door was locked. I started to freak out. The garage is closed, with no way to open it from the outside. The front door is locked, all the windows are locked, my phone is in my purse inside the house, my landlord is at work, and there is a torrential downpour. On top of which I have to pick up my son in 20 minutes or be charged an exhorbitant amount of money.

I could see her through the glass. “Thalia, open this door right now!”
She burst into tears.
“It’s okay! I’m not mad! I just need you to open the door!”
More crying.
“Sweetie, you can do this. I know you can. You just have to go get your stool out of the potty and climb up to unlock the door.”
We stared at each other for almost a full minute before she turned and sauntered away. Was she going to play? Cry in another room? Climb in the litter box? But no. She quickly returned carrying her training potty.
Close enough.
She climbed up, undid the latch, and burst into tears again.