A Cut Above

So after reading today’s blog post, it’ll be abundantly clear that I’m vying for my “Parent of the Year” trophy.

My kiddos decided to climb into the dry tub and play with their bath toys. I thought it was a good, safe place for them to be and started to fix breakfast. Then Justus walks out with my razor.
“Mama, do you need a haircut?”
“OH JUSTUS! Baby you can’t touch that. It’s very dangerous. Are you okay? Are you bleeding? Is Sissy bleeding?”
I frantically looked him over and then ran to check on his sister. He looked at me like I was crazy. “No mom. We’re not hurt.”
We had a very serious talk about not touching Mommy’s razor and then went on with our day.

In no big rush, we Skyped with Daddy and then took turns getting dressed. Finally I put on a movie and sat Thalia on my lap to fix her hair. I took out one of the previous day’s pig tails and started combing. A huge clump of hair came off her head.

My first thought was, “Oh my God there is something horribly wrong with my child.” But she seemed her normal, happy self. It was just the one clump. I couldn’t see a bald spot where it would’ve released from her skull.
Then it clicked.
“JUSTUS! Did you cut your sister’s hair?!”
“Um, yes.”
“Oh Justus.”

You can just see the short wispy strands on the top of little miss Captain America's head
You can just see the short wispy strands on the top of little miss Captain America’s head

Apparently while they were playing in the tub he took the razor, took the cover off, and ran it over the top of her hair, taking off a thin layer and leaving strands about an inch long behind in a stripe down her part.
He asked if I needed a haircut because he’d already given her one.

The future Mister Vidal Sassoon.
The future Mister Vidal Sassoon.

This Mama’s Heart

We’d brushed their teeth and read our story, “Sylvester and the Magic Pebble.” Then it was time for devotions, prayers, and bed. We started reading today’s devotional on the peace of God.
“I want peace,” Justus said.
“Well baby, that kind of peace only comes from asking Jesus¬†to live inside¬†your heart.”
He looked up at me. “Then I want Jesus to live in my heart.”

We talked about what that means, about how we all do bad things but when we ask God to forgive us he makes us new and clean on the inside, and how when we ask Jesus to live inside our hearts, that means he’s always with us.
“Do you want to ask Jesus to live inside your heart?”
So we prayed a children’s version of the sinner’s prayer and Justus asked Jesus to come live inside his heart.
I cried tears of joy. My mama heart is overwhelmed. I have prayed every day since they were born that my children would give their hearts to God at a young age and follow him all the days of their lives. I am so amazed at the faithfulness of God, at this so tangibly answered prayer, at my child’s simple heart and desire for the peace of God.
Tonight this mama’s heart is full.

Before I Forget

Some of my favorite Justus words:

  • lenomade – lemonade
  • Chicaflay – Chick-fil-a
  • banban – Band-aid
  • fofa – sofa

Some of my favorite Thalia words:

  • hock – sock
  • moobie – movie
  • pity – pretty
  • ‘no – snow (not to be confused with “No!”, which means no.)


Justus has started offering people near him sunscreen, which would normally be a kind, albeit slightly odd, gesture. Except that he’s taken to licking his hands and then calling it sunscreen.

We were walking into the grocery store this morning and an employee was taking a break outside under an awning eating a bag of Doritos. Thalia looks up at me, points, and asks excitedly, “Chips? Chips?”
“No, you may not have any of her chips.”
With a big sigh, she looked down. “Awwwww.”


Last night the kids were getting really wound up on the car ride home from Babs and PopPops’. “It is late. It is bedtime. You need to calm down.”
Immediately I hear Thalia start doing deep breathing exercises in the back of the car.

I love that Justus always wants to sing the “SUV” song from Veggie Tales with me. It’s our favorite duet. I also love that Thalia has begun to sing along too, although her personal favorite is the Cheeseburger Song.


Bit and Pieces

Justus has fully mastered potty training and not had an accident in days but apparently some of our learning really left an impression. He followed me into the bathroom, waited patiently until I was finished, checked my work, and then said, “Mom, that was a big poop.”
“Um, thank you?”
“Mom. That was amazing.”


He has also invented a new imaginary friend, Newlut (who is not to be confused with the first imaginary friend, an elephant named Newart). Apparently Newlut lives way high up on the mountain, is a train like Cranky (who is, for the record, actually a crane), has three cars – one red, one, green, and one blue – and is friends with Percy and Thomas. Apparently he takes Justus to go ride on Percy and Thomas when I’m not around. And he was going to come visit later today.


My sweet, beautiful daughter has finally realized there is one creature she can boss around – my parents’ long suffering St. Bernard mix Parker. Parker is approximately 96 in dog years, deaf as a post, mostly blind, and the gentlest of the insanely large dog posse they have cultivated. We often stomp on the wood floor of the cabin while simultaneously calling loudly for Parker in the hopes that he will feel the vibrations and look up (he usually does).

When she (or anyone else) wants to get Parker’s attention, Thalia has taken it upon herself to start shrieking at the top of her substantial lungs, in a shrill voice, “PA-KUH! PAAAAA_KUUUUUUH!” Tonight that piercing scream was also punctuated by vigorous foot stomps.