Day By Day

I was going to write this really poignant missive about how hard it is to say goodbye but how I think we’re getting better at it; sad, sappy nonsense that will just make me more depressed and angry. I do think we’re getting better at the goodbyes but they also still suck tremendously. So instead of focusing on that, I thought I’d share some of the highlights of our day.

  • I awoke with two tiny humans in my bed. One was attached to my breast and apparently the other felt left out. “Mom, Gerald is hungry.” (Gerald is an elephant.) “He needs beeboos,” (what we call nursing.) So I got to tandem nurse my daughter and an elephant which was a first for me.
  • Justus went all morning in underwear without an accident! He even pooped in the potty. This may not seem like a big deal to you since you probably poop in the potty on a daily basis, but around here it’s front page news.
  • Later, when I went to the potty (with an audience, as all mothers do) my son asked, “Mom are you pooping?”
    “Yes, I did.”
    “Let me see!” He peers into the toilet bowl. “Oh wow Mom! That’s just terrific! What a great job!”
  • He hasn’t mastered sleepy time potty training yet so we put a diaper on him for nap. Afterwards he was supposed to put underwear back on but adamantly refused. Instead, he changed his own diaper. Because apparently that’s easier than stopping to pee when necessary.
  • My sweet Thalia saw pictures of baby Graham on Facebook and started blowing kisses to him. “Baby! Night night, baby?” *smooch, smooch*
  • My children already had Christmas while Daddy was here but we’re keeping up the decorations until after the holidays. This morning Thalia pulled down her stocking and started trying to wear it. When Justus saw what she was doing he had to join in. They wound up looking like little mermaids.
  • While getting ready for bed I was helping Justus finish brushing his teeth. I turned my back for a second; when I looked again Thalia was pulling the head of her toothbrush out of the toilet and before I could stop her, she went back to brushing her teeth.