Better Days

Yesterday morning was the best morning I’d had all week. Wednesday night after I emotionally threw up on my dad (and my blog) I woke up the next day to him folding the laundry I’d left downstairs. Then he helped me wrangle the kids until he went to work.

I received so many texts and emails, messages and phone calls from friends who just wanted to encourage and love me.  It didn’t fix everything but it helped a bit, reminded me I’m not alone, that there are people standing with us, praying for us, just loving us through this.

Today Mom came home, and although my daughter still thinks sleep is stupid and my son is still wound up tighter than a spring, it was a better day.

Thalia is starting to babble more and more and she’ll be crawling before I know it. She’s started trying to scoot around the floor in earnest; tonight she was spinning in circles trying so hard to get some momentum. She loves her new bouncy chair and seems to grow more and more enamored with her brother every day.


And lately he just can’t get enough of her. He loves “helping” her bounce in her new chair. He’s been practically smothering her with hugs. This afternoon when she didn’t want to sleep, I left her to fuss and talk herself into a nap. Normally she’s out in just a couple of minutes but this time she just wouldn’t go down. I went up to check on her and discovered Justus had been sneaking out of bed and giving her stuffed animals to help her.


Tonight when she woke up, he jumped out of his chair, headed for the stairs, and yelled, “I’m coming Talley! I’m coming!” I had to reassure him that I could in fact take care of her and that I would bring her down to him.

Today was not our easiest day ever but it was definitely a better one, filled with small moments of joy that added up to a whole lot of good.

Worn Out

I wish that I had something funny or encouraging or uplifting to say, but the fact is that I am just plumb worn out. I’m exhausted – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. I don’t understand why God has brought us to this place in life. Did we misunderstand him? Did we hear wrong? Were we disobedient in some way? 
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I’m Falling For You

I started Monday morning by falling down the stairs with a baby in my arms. It was my own stupid fault for wearing socks on the most dangerous staircase in the world. Fortunately although she was terrified, Thalia was otherwise fine. I survived as well (as evidenced by my ability to type a blog post about it) with only minor dings and one heck of a bruise on my arm.
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