Pants On the Ground

Yesterday’s post had a picture that garnered several questions and comments.


That is indeed my child climbing on a table with his pants around his ankles. These pants were probably the most difficult part of our layover in Minneapolis (which by the way has a lovely airport.) I completely forgot to put Justus’ belt in the diaper bag when we left at the crack of dawn Saturday morning. We managed to get through DFW without incident but by lunchtime they were quite literally falling off of him. Continue reading Pants On the Ground

All The Things

I haven’t written for a few weeks simply because I have been too overwhelmed.

Two weeks ago, we found out that our medical clearance was denied a second time, which means we will not be going as a family overseas. Instead, Keith will be going alone and the kids and I will be moving to Wyoming to be near my family.  Continue reading All The Things