Too Much Cute

I’m amazed at how quickly time passes now that I have children. I’m not entirely sure how but life seems to be in fast-forward. I cannot believe that tomorrow Thalia will already be 4 months old. It seems just yesterday I was having emergency surgery and not sure if I would lose her. Now she is thriving, healthy, and happy.

Happy Girl
Happy Girl

I also can’t believe that in six short weeks we will leave Wichita Falls, probably forever, and that three weeks after that we will be headed to live in a different country on the other side of the world.

Time is flying and I can’t seem to press pause or even slow things down. I want to make it a point to remember all the sweet things, the little moments that amuse or touch me, to look back on in five, ten, twenty years when my children are grown and preparing to have children of their own. To that end, I have created a list of adorable things that have happened in the last week or so.  Continue reading Too Much Cute

Going to the Dogs

I have a somewhat laissez-faire attitude about my children and germs. I mean, I don’t let them eat poop or anything (except that one time.)However, I do believe that children should get dirty (not STAY dirty; we bathe them semi-regularly) in order to allow them to (1) be children and (2) build up their immune systems.

So when I brought wee baby Justus home from the hospital and the dog showered him with affection by licking him, sometimes in the mouth, I just rolled with it. Continue reading Going to the Dogs

Death by Nap

If sleep deprivation could kill you, I am certain today would have been the day. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not new to a lack of sleep. We have a toddler and a four-month-old; at this point it’s kind of just my regular state of being. And I wasn’t sure that anything could compare to the week Justus was born. Seventy-five hours of labor and a ridiculous number of medical interventions meant five days with a total of four hours of sleep. But it didn’t kill me. In fact, I didn’t even hallucinate (At least I don’t think I did.) I did lose it a little bit and burst into uncontrollable sobs, causing the head nurse to come in, comfort me, and tell me they would coordinate my and Justus’ care in order to give me some rest. But, like I said, not dead. I’m a mom. I’m a survivor. (Great, now I can’t get Destiny’s Child’s out of my head.)

But I think today might have been the worst bit since that five day stretch. Continue reading Death by Nap

The Great Taco Trauma

The local Qdoba has probably come to dread our arrival every Tuesday. Whether it is just me and the kids or a couple dozen of our closest friends we descend on the restaurant and make our presence known. Swarming in we take over half the joint and then turn our toddlers loose to run in circles until we can feed them. Right when the hullabaloo reaches a fever pitch we leave en mass to send everyone off to nap-time.

Since yesterday was once again Taco Tuesday we headed to the restaurant, this time with Aunt Tara and Liam. They had already gone through the line by the time we arrived so I sent Justus and Thalia over to sit with them while I got our food. The line was miraculously short and I was next up to order. Justus had climbed up on a chair to dance along to the music. I smiled, applauded his dancing and was just getting ready to say, “Now please sit down,” when I saw it happening as if in slow motion. The chair rocked to the beat and started to tip forward. Before I could move, the chair had fallen over backwards and Justus with it.  Continue reading The Great Taco Trauma

Depression and Me

Robin Williams’ unfortunate and untimely death has brought depression, at least briefly, back into the public consciousness. While I mourn with the rest of the world the loss of a brilliant comedic mind, I am glad depression is being talked about. I am aghast that there are still people like Todd Bridges and Shepard Smith who use their celebrity (perhaps that’s a generous term) to make ignorant and insensitive comments about a disease they so clearly do not understand.

While I have no celebrity (I know approximately three people regularly read this blog and two of them are my parents. Hi Mom and Dad!) I do have an intimate and personal knowledge of depression. I have struggled with it for my entire adult life.

Well, that’s not entirely true. 
Continue reading Depression and Me

Let’s Talk About Boobs – Part 1


I have a confession to make.
This post isn’t really about boobs. While the topic is directly related to boobs, it’s actually about breastfeeding. What with World Breastfeeding Week having just ended and it currently being National Breastfeeding Month, it seemed appropriate to address a topic that is, both figuratively and literally, close to my heart. I just thought “Let’s Talk About Boobs” was a catchier title than “I’m Finally Going to Talk About Breastfeeding on my Blog.”

I have another confession to make.
Breastfeeding used to weird me out.  Continue reading Let’s Talk About Boobs – Part 1

A Day in the Life

Today began like any other normal day. At around 4:00 am I brought our daughter to bed when she’d woken up for the 5th time and refused to stay asleep unless she was being held. I woke again to nurse her around 5:00 and then got up for good around  7:30, roused by the desperate cries of, “Mama! Maaaaaaaamaaaaa!” emanating from my sons room. I walked in, he stopped crying, held up his cup, and demanded, “Water!”  Continue reading A Day in the Life

Tantrums & Consequences

It all started with a peppermint.

Our church secretary, Mrs. Teresa, has a bowl of mints on her desk that almost all of the Bible Study toddlers have discovered. She loves to share candy with them and they are more than happy to trade hugs and fist bumps for it. Some of the kids get to eat their candy right away, but since I never let Justus get it until we’re leaving it’s always lunchtime; he is allowed to have it for dessert.

For a two-year-old he has handled this rule surprisingly well, agreeing to wait until after lunch to eat his candy.
Until today.  Continue reading Tantrums & Consequences